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Liberty Press at Erfurt, Germany

Liberty Press at Erfurt, Germany After reading about a possible sighting of a Liberty press at the Druckereimuseum in Erfurt Germany, Helmut Wuensche, a volunteer at the department for historic printing at the Hessian State Museum in Darmstadt, Germany, e-mailed me a report:

I contacted the Stadtmuseum Erfurt and told them about your guess. An employee of the museum, Mrs. Karin Breitkreutz, informed me that there is indeed a Liberty Platen Press in the Benary-Speicher, a branch office of the museum. The year of construction is 1885, the manufacturer is F. M. Weiler, New York, and the number on the drive shaft is 8826.

The photos in the attachment shows the Liberty Platen Press in the "Druckereimuseum und Schaudepot im Benaryspeicher Erfurt." It was made available by Mrs. Breitkreutz from the museum. You have permission to publish the photo on your web-site together with the statement
Photo: "Dirk Urban"
Post: "Druckereimuseum und Schaudepot im Benaryspeicher Erfurt"

This press is missing a treadle and hook and appears to be powered by electricity. It has a fountain and brake.

Serial Number of Liberty Press at Erfurt, Germany This press was manufactured after 1877 (when F. M. Weiler bought out the Degener family). Although it does not have a throw-off, the delivery board has a notch cut out to accommodate one.

Liberty Press at Erfurt, Germany     Liberty Press at Erfurt, Germany

Press Identification Summary

Owner: Druckereimuseum und Schaudepot im Benary-Speicher
Location: Erfurt, Germany
Manufacturer: F. M. Weiler
New York
Serial Number: 8826
Patents: April 24, 1860, Extd April 23, 1874;
Dec 13, 1870; May 28, 1872
Throw-Off? No

Thanks to Helmut Wuensche for pictures and information.

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