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Anger Liberty Press at Kner Museum, Gyomaendrõd, Hungary

Anger & Sons Liberty Press
at Kner Museum
Gyomaendrõd, Hungary

The printing press on display in the Books from the Gyomai Kner Press exhibit at the Kner Printing Industry Museum in Gyomaendrõd, Hungary, is not a Degener/Weiler Liberty. Although it looks nearly identical, it was manufactured by J. Anger & Sons in Vienna.
Julianna Füzesné Hudák of the museum provided the three pictures of the press shown on the page: full view (above), closeup of manufacturer's plate (right), and closeup of the serial number (far right). She reports that the press is in good working order. Close-up of plate Close-up of serial number

Press Identification Summary

Owner: Kner Printing Industry Museum
Location: Gyoma, Hungary
Manufacturer: Josef Anger & Sohne
Wien (Vienna)
Model: Unknown
Serial Number: 6632
Patents: None listed
Throw-Off: No

Thanks to Julianna Füzesné Hudák at the Kner Museum, Gyomaendrõd, Hungary for providing scans from several Hungarian publications with references to the Liberty press.

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