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Dave Tribby

I am the proprietor of Handset Press. A member of the American Amateur Press Association since 1970, I publish The Handset Journal and The Tribby Tribune on a "semi-occasional" basis. I also coordinate the AAPA's annual cooperative publication Ink Cahoots. I'm a member of two other amateur journalism groups: The Fossils and the National Amateur Press Association; and also belong to a local group, the San Jose Printer's Guild at History Park.

I got started in printing when my folks got me a "Swiftset" rubber type printing set in the early 1960s. I graduated to a 3 by 5 inch Kelsey and metal type a few years later. My current equipment includes a hand-powered 6 by 9 inch Sigwalt (manufactured in the mid-1960s), a motorized 8 by 12 Golding Jobber (1906) and a Vandercook Universal I (1970).

Other pertinent facts...

Home: Sunnyvale, California

Born: St. Petersburg, Florida

Degree: B.S. (Mathematical Sciences), Stanford University

Worked: Hewlett-Packard Co. in Cupertino, California, 1975 - 2005

Married: to Liz

E-mail: dtribby@handsetpress.org

Other activities...

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