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Degener's Liberty Patents

Frederick Otto Degener received three United States patents related to the Liberty platen press. Erik Desmyter provided scans of the ten pages that document them.

Erik writes: "Here's some more interesting Degener & Weiler Liberty stuff which I obtained some time ago with some help from Stephen Nelson who traced and downloaded these patents starting from the patent dates I gave him on the official website."


April 24, 1860: Patent number 27,973


Apr 24, 1860, p.1 Apr 24, 1860, p.2 Apr 24, 1860, p.3
Apr 24, 1860, p.4 Apr 24, 1860, p.5


December 13, 1870: Patent number 110,018


Dec 13, 1870, p.1 Dec 13, 1870, p.2


May 28, 1872: Patent number 127,316


May 28, 1872, p.1 DMay 28, 1872, p.2 May 28, 1872, p.3

Scans on this page are displayed in jpeg file format. To get a zip archive of them as higher resolution tiff files, right-click on the link below and select the "Save Target As..." option.

Download the 1.4MB Degener patent archive.

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